Virginia Beach, Virginia — The cheapest webcam in the United States, which costs about $600 per month, is a webcam border between the Virginian state and Virginia.

The border is set up in the town of Chaturbates, where one end is in a hotel parking lot, and the other is in the back of a taxi.

It costs about half as much as the cheapest border at a regular hotel, according to a video that was posted on the Virginians Facebook page.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 6 million times, shows a Virginian woman walking through the town and into a taxi, as her boyfriend sits in the driver’s seat.

They take off and the man takes a video as they drive through a busy intersection.

The driver then starts filming the couple as they pass the entrance to the hotel parking lots.

On the video, a voice-over says, “We don’t care what you think.

We want you to have fun.”

The Virginian government says the video is meant to raise awareness about what happens when you try to visit a state in the union with no internet or broadband.