By Chris SimsThe Avengers: The Winter Soldier has made its first big-screen appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now we know who it was who pulled the trigger.

Spencer Bledsoe is the new Captain America, played by the actor who played the original Captain America in the 2012 blockbuster.

He is portrayed by Chris Evans, who is currently shooting The Avengers.

Bledsoes origin story is a little less clear, but we can get a sense of his life story from the movie, and how he was raised by his mother.

Blednoe was born on July 18, 1940, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of an immigrant father and a Polish mother.

He grew up in the same neighborhood as the Avengers and the Iron Man team.

He also spent a summer at the orphanage, and went on to attend high school in Pittsburgh.

When the movie started shooting, Blednoes mother gave birth to him.

In the film, Blesnoe is shown living with his father, who also works for the Avengers.

It is unknown what caused his father to give birth to his son, but it is clear that he was concerned for his son.

While Bledson has not been seen since the movie came out in early 2016, he is shown as a member of the Avengers during the movie’s opening sequence.

He appears in the film alongside Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Hawkeye, as well as the Vision.

When Captain America: The First Avenger was released, it became a huge success.

It made $2.9 billion worldwide, grossing $1.4 billion in ticket sales and grossing more than $1 billion in merchandising sales.

It also earned a whopping $821 million at the box office, earning $6.3 billion worldwide.

Despite the success of the movie and the franchise, many fans wondered if the film’s director, Joe Russo, would return to the franchise.

The Avengers director, Russ, told fans at the beginning of the year that he wanted to return to Cap’s story and that they would be working on that for the next few years.

But now, according to Marvel, Russ is not returning to the character.

Instead, he will be making a movie called The Winter Solider.

According to Marvel’s website, Winter Soliders story takes place in the years following the events of Captain America.

That means the movie will follow the life of Captain Steve Rogers, who returns to his home state of Ohio after being shot down by the Soviet Union.

Winter Solider is a follow-up to Captain America 2, which ended after seven films.

Marvel’s Winter Solides story begins with Cap in the midst of a mission when he encounters a mysterious stranger, who claims to be the Winter Soldier.

Captain Steve Rogers is forced to make a difficult choice when he learns that the mysterious figure known as Winter Soldier is the true mastermind behind his actions and plans to conquer the world.

Cap’s journey continues in Captain America Winter Solver, which will be a sequel to Captain Steve: The Avenger, the previous Captain America movie.