The Port Canaveral Camcorder (PortCan) is a camera for capturing and storing videos.

It can record 720p, 1080p and 2K videos.

In 2018, a device called the PortCan Pro became the first consumer product to support 2K video recording.

There’s also a version of the PortCam that can record 1080p.

The PortCan is a $150 device, but you can get a GoPro-compatible version for $200.

This tutorial shows you how to use it. 1.

Get a GoPro Hero5 Black The GoPro Hero 5 Black can record in 4K.

However, this video is in 720p.

We recommend using a GoPro camera that supports 720p at 60fps.

You can get one of the cheaper cameras like the GoPro Hero6 or Hero7 Black or the more expensive cameras like GoPro Hero7 Pro.

It’s $300.


Get the GoPro App PortCan canaveals Camera app for iPhone and Android.

You’ll need the Port Canavals Camera App to use the device.


Connect the Port canaveas camera to your GoPro Hero4 Black or Hero5 Camera.

If you don’t have the GoPro app installed, download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Go to the GoPro website to download the app.

Once you have the app, go to the PortCams Camera page and select the Port Cam you want to record.


Open the GoPro Camera app on your GoPro camera.

Make sure you choose the Portcam that has the GoPro software installed.

It will open in a new tab.

If it doesn’t, go back to the previous tab and click on “Settings.”


Make a note of your location in case the camera crashes or your camera battery dies.


Click the record button on the top right of the app and start recording.

If everything goes smoothly, you should see a video of yourself in the video camera.

If not, check that you’ve recorded in a different time frame or location.


Upload the video to YouTube or other online video services.

The video should automatically upload after you click “Submit.”

If you’re not sure if it’s working, go through the video.

You should see the video in the app or a separate tab in your camera.


When the video is uploaded, click “save” to save the video and return to the app for more information.


When you’re done, you can use the GoPro camera to capture a selfie.

You will be able to upload the video on your YouTube or Facebook page.

The GoPro App will send a link to your account when you’re ready to use your GoPro for a selfie or other video.