The first virtual reality company to open in the Caribbean has been acquired by Google and Facebook.

Nexigo, a virtual reality studio based in Panama City, announced Thursday that it has been bought by Facebook for an undisclosed amount.

NeXigo’s new owners, the San Francisco-based company, have also signed a deal to integrate NeXIGO technology with Facebook’s virtual reality platform.

“NeXIGo is a virtual-reality studio based out of Panama City that specializes in developing and delivering virtual reality experiences, and it’s been a huge inspiration to us and to the team at NeXIos team,” NeXICo co-founder Juan Pablo Gómez said in a statement.

“We are extremely excited to be part of Facebook’s immersive, first-of-its-kind VR platform and look forward to working together on future projects with them.”

NeXiGo, which also operates out of the Panamanian capital city of Bogota, was founded in 2008 and was co-founded by former Facebook engineers.

Facebook acquired NeXigo for an unknown amount, according to a statement from NeXGo.

NeXiGo has made some VR-related headlines in recent months.

The Facebook-owned app, called NeXIVo, recently launched in the US.

The app allows users to navigate the world through a virtual avatar with three different “eyes” — the main eye being the main view, the second eye the virtual avatar’s peripheral view, and the third eye the user can see outside of the avatar.

NeIXIVo has a variety of features, including a way to see what the avatar sees through its virtual eyes.

NeiGIo, NeXIXo’s parent company, has also recently launched its own app, NeXPo.

Both apps were developed by Facebook engineers for use in the company’s VR platform, which is aimed at a broader range of users, including children and families.

NeXPos VR app, for example, can provide a virtual “eye” to the user’s left eye.

NeEXiGos first VR app was unveiled in January, but it was delayed for more than a year, before it was finally released to the public last month.

“The NeXGIo team has developed a compelling VR app that’s designed to bring a new dimension to the way people explore the world,” said CEO Jose Luis López in a press release announcing the acquisition.

“It’s the first time that a company like NeXGi has been able to bring its VR experience to the masses in the United States, and we’re excited to work with Facebook to help further explore its capabilities and capabilities.”

Facebook acquired the company in 2016.