The first video shows an older woman squirting at a man’s crotch in Clearwater, Florida.

In the second video, she is on a beach with two young girls.

The women, who were not identified, were wearing shorts, a blue t-shirt and a white tank top, according to ABC affiliate WPBF.

The woman is clearly trying to make a connection.

The woman says, “I just saw you squirting on me,” the first video, recorded on Sunday, shows the older woman telling the younger girl that she “can’t stop squirting,” according to WPBF reports.

“But you don’t have to stop,” the second woman responds.

She then asks the younger girls to “go outside,” WPBF said.

The two girls, wearing matching bikini tops, replied, “Yeah, we can.”

The women then continue squirting, according the report.

The second video showed the younger woman and a second woman squirt in the sand.

The man who filmed the video told WPBF, “That’s kind of cute,” and said he was “looking forward to seeing the other side of it.”

The two women who are apparently the victims were not wearing any clothing at the time of the incident, WPBF reported.