It is illegal to leave your device unattended while driving, so you should take all precautions to keep it locked and away from distractions.

Newfound Gap, a company which specialises in home security, has been providing advice on how to lock and unlock your smartphone to ensure it stays locked, but it also warns people to take extra precautions.

New found Gap founder and CEO Rui Ruidoso says: “I know many people are tempted to just leave their phone in their car.

But if you leave it unattended, it could be used by anyone, including a paedophile or a kidnapper.””

You should lock your phone at home and not leave it in your pocket while you’re driving.

If you’re out of town, you should not leave your smartphone unattended.

It’s safer.”

Newfound is not alone in offering advice on locking and unlocking smartphones.

Last year a man from Florida was jailed for locking his phone in his glove compartment, which was in his pocket.

This year, the Department of Transport announced it would begin requiring new smartphone users to lock their phones in their cars, which it hopes will encourage them to do the same.