The US President Donald Trump has announced a free live stream of his inauguration on his Facebook page, as well as his daily press briefing and the first press conference in the Oval Office.

The feed, which has been available on the President’s official White House Twitter account, is also accessible to all US citizens.

Read more:President Trump to broadcast inauguration live feed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more on ThursdayThe president also tweeted: “Happy #InaugurationDay and happy Independence Day in the USA.

The White House, including the White Houses security detail, is open 24 hours.

The President will be live tweeting from the Oval, including live updates and live updates of the events in the WhiteHouse, and we encourage everyone to visit his official account.

Live video of the @WhiteHouse event from the President, @PressSec and our Security Detail will be available to watch for free!” Trump, in a press briefing on Friday, said: “The White House has a number of live stream features to provide the President and his staff with information as it becomes available, as we speak.””

He added: “If you want to watch live from the Whitehouse, you can, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. “

We encourage everyone, especially the President himself, to come and see us.”

He added: “If you want to watch live from the Whitehouse, you can, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.

 I think we have a lot of people that can’t go into the Whitehouses main doors because of security and all that kind of stuff, so I think that you should come down and watch the briefing.”

The livestream is available on YouTube and Facebook.

The President has said he will stream the event live on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook on Thursday, but it’s unclear how many people will be able to watch. 

Trump tweeted that he will tweet live video of his speech to Congress from the Rose Garden on Friday morning. 

The president has been in power since taking office on January 20, 2017.

The live stream comes after the White’s Daily Briefing, a daily briefing with Trump and other senior officials that is one of the main outlets for the president to share his views and his views on major issues, as he is the President of the United States. 

There are also several live streams available on Facebook and YouTube.