You can’t get better prices for a webcam than this one for under a buck.

The B&R Camcorder HD (which has the same price tag as the B-camcorder) is an affordable webcam with built-in speakers and an HDMI cable, but it’s not the most advanced or expensive camcorder out there.

Instead, it’s a cheap, low-end camcordering that’s ideal for beginners, who will spend a lot of time working on video games and other digital productions.

But it’s also a good option for those who already have a good video editing studio.

Its $35 price tag is a bargain compared to other cheap camcorders, such as the $80 Nexus 4P, $100 S5-C4, and the $150 R7.

It also comes with a few extras that will get you started, including an HDMI cable that plugs directly into the camera, an infrared camera remote control and an infrared transmitter.

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