Posted July 30, 2018 03:31:23The user who shared a video of himself kissing a naked man on camera was deleted after the man complained, according to the Facebook page for a webcam that captures gay men performing sex acts.

The post about John Gannon, a webcam user from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, went viral on Friday after it was shared on social media and received more than 11,500 likes and 2,000 comments.

The video shows Gannon kissing the man on the cheek and then taking a selfie.

Gannon has been accused of sexually assaulting the man after he complained about being sexually assaulted by Gannon in a video posted on his Facebook page in March.

Gathers for Equality, a civil rights group, called the post “disgusted” and “creepy” and asked Facebook to delete it.

“It is disturbing to know that someone would take advantage of the power of social media to share a disgusting and disgusting image of another human being and make him suffer for it,” the group wrote in a statement to ABC News.

The Facebook page is no longer live.

In the video, Gannon is seen kissing the naked man while a female voice on the other side of the camera tells the man, “I can’t believe you’re going to do that to me.”

“That’s my boyfriend right there,” the male voice said.

The male voice later said, “You’re going down the drain, you’re disgusting.”

Gannon, who has a history of abuse allegations, has since deleted his Facebook account and is no more in contact with the man.GATLINBURG, Tennessee (AP) — A man accused of abusing a gay man in a sexual assault video that sparked outrage among the LGBT community is no closer to being brought to justice, according a report released Wednesday by a federal watchdog agency.

A new report by the Office of Government Ethics found that a review of the case “shows that the statute of limitations on criminal charges against Mr. Gannon has expired.”

The report, written by acting ethics experts Michael Baca and Elizabeth Price, found that the case was closed on Aug. 1, two months after the sexual assault allegation was filed.

The review did not name the man involved in the case, but Price said in an interview with The Associated Press that he was a former college student.

The investigation began after the former student, identified only as L.P., reported his abuse to authorities and reported it to a local law enforcement agency.

The former student also told police that he had watched the video on Gannon’s computer, Price said.

A judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case after the victim told police he had seen the video and called it “totally inappropriate.”

The investigation was prompted by complaints from the victim’s family, including that the man had been violent toward the woman, Price and Baca wrote in the report.

The law enforcement report also cited a report that Gannon was charged in March with aggravated sexual assault after the alleged assault, but the charges were later dismissed.

Gandy, a former Tennessee police officer, was charged with aggravated assault in April after an investigation.

The charges against Gannon were later dropped.

The report did not say whether the case against Gandy was dismissed.

Gannett-owned Gannon Productions is not named in the investigation and the company does not have a public spokesperson, spokeswoman Mary Beth Nance said in a phone interview.

Gannett does not comment on individual cases, but a spokeswoman said in April that the company was cooperating with federal authorities.

“Our company has been a leader in protecting the privacy and rights of individuals and businesses in the workplace,” Nance added.

The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in Tennessee did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A federal official told ABC News that there is no indication that Gannet has any connections to the man or the video.

The official said that investigators had access to the Internet video and did not find evidence that GANNET has any involvement in the alleged abuse.

The federal government is trying to make sure all sexual predators are prosecuted, the official said.