I was worried I might have lost it, but my granny camera is working fine.

And now I have some new ways to keep her connected with her family.

The camera, which is made of plastic and weighs less than a nickel, was built to be easy to use and has the right functionality to capture the full range of granny’s natural beauty.

I bought a new one after I got back from a long-distance trip in the U.S. in late January, after I had been told that granny had cancer.

She had been diagnosed in 2012, and had been receiving chemotherapy at the time, but the diagnosis was confirmed in January this year.

In order to make her webcam function, the camera needs to be connected to a computer and have a computer hard drive.

That is where a Raspberry Pi comes in.

Raspberry Pis have become the go-to computers for those who want to use a digital camera on their computer to capture granny.

The Pi has a Micro SD card slot that can hold up to 2GB of memory, and can also act as a USB flash drive.

The Pi can connect to any camera with a USB hub.

A micro SD card works for the camera, and the computer will automatically install the appropriate firmware on it when you connect it to the Pi.

To get the camera working on a Raspberry Pis computer, I needed to install the granny software.

Installing the grampasgrannygrampas is easy.

After installing grampasesgrampases, I just needed to plug the SD card into my Raspberry Pi and plug the webcam into my computer.

If you don’t have a micro SD slot, you can use a micro USB port.

My grampa is able to connect to her computer through the grampsgrampa.com website, which has the gramping grampapedia on it.

With the grampa connected to the computer, the gramped webcam is set to capture every second of every minute.

It will display granny on the video and also let you see a summary of the images captured.

You can also control the webcam remotely with the Raspberry Pi’s built-in webcam control panel.

While the gramed webcam can record a live video stream, it is limited to the range of 24-megapixel resolution.

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