A lake in central Arizona is the latest to be captured in viral videos of a cheap, high quality webcam.

The Lake Eloy webcam on the lake in Phoenix is one of thousands of cheap, low-quality videos of the lake being used as a webcam.

It’s a camera that’s used to capture the view of people fishing and shooting from it.

A few years ago, the lake was used to film a fishing boat being towed into the water.

A year ago, a video posted on Facebook showed a woman walking her dog and another woman walking around with a dog.

It was later revealed that the videos were recorded in a remote area of the park.

In the latest video, the camera is used to catch the view from the lake and the view in the trees, the video posted to Facebook by someone calling himself “Nashville” shows.

In another video, someone says they are in a fishing trip with a friend, then the camera pans to show a boat being dragged in the water by another man.

It then shows a man in the background, yelling that he is trying to catch a fish.

The lake has been used for fishing for more than a century, and is known for its beauty.

It has a beautiful blue lake that is a favorite spot for boaters.

The lake is also home to a number of wildlife including turtles, frogs and snakes.

The video posted by Nashville is a simple video of a man sitting in a chair in front of the camera, and then a camera moves into the chair to film the man standing in the chair.

There is a camera tripod in the back of the chair, and the man can be seen sitting in the seat with his arms folded.

The Facebook post was taken down after being viewed more than 5 million times, but the clip is still available on YouTube.

It says the video was taken on August 17, 2016.