– The sun is shining and the waves are rippling in Lake George.

It’s the perfect time to take a selfie at the lake’s shores, when the waves come in on their own and the sand dunes are lush with blue water.

It is also the perfect spot to take in the colorful, colorful waves.

Here are some tips for taking a perfect beach selfie.1.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

It will help keep you dry.2.

Wear sunscreen if you plan to use the beach.

You can apply it in the sun or in a shade.3.

If you’re using the beach to swim, wear a long-sleeve shirt.4.

Wear sunglasses, as well.

If you’re wearing sunglasses, make sure you’re getting a good angle and the sun is in the right position.

You want to make sure the sun’s shining in the water.

If it’s too hot, you can just put a towel under the sunglasses to cool them down.

If it’s hot, bring a cooler.5.

If your sunglasses are not in a good position, you may want to flip them and put them on a cooler or a cooler in a corner.6.

Bring a water bottle.

If the sun doesn’t have much sun, bring one of those water bottles you can buy at the local grocery store.

You might even find one in the local pharmacy.7.

Bring extra sunscreen.

If not wearing sunscreen, bring extra sunscreen that you can put on the inside of your sunglasses.

Make sure to get a good shade.8.

Don the sun cream, if you can.9.

If there is water, put it in a small container.

If the beach is closed, the lake will be crowded.

If possible, avoid the crowds.

Keep moving forward.

The beach is only open during daylight hours.

Make a plan to take pictures during the day.

Do not leave your phone on the beach while you’re taking pictures.

You may want it to get wet, so bring some extra sunscreen if it does get wet.

Do not park on the shore and do not attempt to park in a parking lot.

If a storm is forecast, do not park your car in a lot.

The beach is not designed for car parking, so make sure to park where you are.

If needed, park in the nearest public parking lot, such as a gas station or a school yard.

If a storm makes it difficult to get to the beach, you could park in an area that is open during the week.

If this is the case, use a public walkway or walkway that is close to the road.

The lake is located on the southern shore of Lake Okeechobee.

If rain is forecast and you are in the area, park on a private beach or on a beach that is accessible from a public road.

Do NOT park in public parking lots.

If an area is closed and you cannot park in that area, you should use a private parking lot or a beach.

If no private parking is available, park outside of the designated parking area.