In an exclusive interview with Bleacher, ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy talks about the upcoming game between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets, including how much of a role the team’s star player, Steph Curry, will play in it, how much he wants to play, and how he plans to help his team’s defense in the process.

Bleacher Report: You’ve been playing this series at home for a few years now.

How much do you think the atmosphere at the game has changed?

Jeff VanD Gundy: I think there are a couple of things.

First, I think the atmospherics have changed a little bit from when we played there.

We played there a couple years ago, but it was in an old arena that was pretty empty, and the atmosphere has been different.

So I think that’s something that can be attributed to the climate of the place, too.

But then the other thing is, I really like the look of the game that we’re playing in, and it’s got a pretty good feel to it.

I think people are really excited about it.

We’ll see how it goes.

I know they’re going to make some changes to it as they go, but they’re still playing it at home, and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to get a lot more exciting as it goes on.

How will you make sure that the atmosphere is right, because the crowd is going to play a big part in it?

We had a game here in Denver last year that we did really well, and so I think you’ll see a lot of fans in there.

It’s going a little different.

I don’t think it’ll be quite as packed.

It’ll be smaller, it’ll probably be smaller.

But I think they’re hoping to do it well.

They’re hoping that people are going to come out and see it.

Is there going to always be a game that people like, or are you just going to try to find new ways to make it more exciting?

No, I’m not going to say it’s the same game that I was going to go back and play last year.

It was the first game that they had.

It had been kind of a big deal, and they had a good atmosphere.

But we had a lot to get used to, and we didn’t do a lot.

I didn’t want to just play it the same way, so I thought it’d be good to bring a lot into the game and kind of make it a little more different.

And that was probably what I was trying to do last year, just make it even more different and interesting.

And this year, we’re going into it on a different note, and that’s what I’m going to do.

We’re going in on a very different note this year.

I’m really excited to bring some new things to it, because I think we’re looking to build a good team and hopefully have a great season.

We have to give a lot for you to go through.

You’ve played a lot at the NBA level, both in the NBA and overseas, and you’ve played for the Golden and the Heat.

What are your expectations going into the new season?

I think what we’ve seen out of them this year has been pretty good.

They’ve been great, but I think in terms of what they’re trying to accomplish, they’ve really done a good job.

I mean, we saw that they played a little better in their games in the Western Conference Finals last year than they played in the Eastern Conference Finals, and then we saw them play a lot better in the conference finals last year as well, so they’re definitely doing a good thing.

I really think they’ve got a great chance to make a lot out of this year and get into the playoffs.

But they’ve only been playing in the playoffs for one year, so that’ll be something to watch out for.

How will that affect the team? I don