The NBA and its players will not be banning the naked webcam game that the league banned in February.

The league said in a statement that the NBA will “not prohibit players from participating in or using such activities at their discretion” and will allow the use of other technology to monitor players.

However, league commissioner Adam Silver said the league would continue to use other devices to monitor its players.

The NBA banned the use and sale of naked-camera technology last summer amid a growing trend among NBA players to expose themselves.

The players and the league said they were responding to concerns from fans who were upset about players using their bodies to advertise products and services on social media.

The use of video cameras is not illegal in the United States.

NBA commissioner Adam L. Silver, left, speaks to the media before the NBA All-Star Game at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2020.

(Photo: David Richard, Associated Press)The league also said it would continue “to work with state and local governments to support efforts to encourage and enforce a public health policy that will protect the health and safety of our players, our fans and our communities.”

NBA commissioner Dan Gilbert said in an email to the Associated Press that he has “serious concerns” about the use in the league and the use by other players of cameras.

He said that if the NBA were to ban the naked-camming games, it would “likely lead to more legal and societal challenges.”

The league has been a vocal proponent of the use technology, which is becoming increasingly popular among athletes, and the NBA has had numerous players come forward to say they were involved in the game.

The game is being watched by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Beyonce.

It was also a topic of discussion during the NBA’s All-NBA team vote on Monday night.

NBA All Star guard Kyrie Irving tweeted after the vote that the vote was a “huge step forward” and “a great example of how the NBA can grow together.”