The world of Hollywood has seen an influx of female talent, and a slew of new stars who’ve been forced to compete with male talent for roles.

Now, it’s time for the industry to stop making its male stars look so bad and start rewarding those who can be more successful at the industry.

“We need to stop giving our female stars the bad end of the stick,” said Jennifer Lee, the CEO of the nonprofit, Women in Entertainment, which works to raise awareness about female talent and encourage them to get work in film and TV.

“This is the time to show the industry that we care.”

The first of the female stars to make a splash in Hollywood is The Exorcist star Mariska Hargitay.

She was cast in the second of two films directed by J.K. Simmons, who wrote and directed the first, which grossed $8.7 million in the U.S. in 2016.

The actress starred in the 2014 film, The Exquisite Corpse, which earned $7.2 million domestically.

Hargis’ performance was a big draw for a movie that, while not technically a horror film, was about a demon.

Hargeity also starred in 2012’s Black Widow, which was nominated for an Oscar.

Hagerty is set to appear in a new film called The Exonerated, directed by the same filmmaker, that will star her and Nicole Kidman.

It’s slated to be released on Dec. 16, 2020.

And Hargety is the latest to join the growing list of women stars, including actress Jessica Chastain, who won an Emmy for her performance in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

But Hargeith, who is also known for her role on the series, is the first woman to play a leading female character in the Hollywood blockbuster franchise.

“When it comes to casting women, there are so many of them that I can’t count,” said Lee.

Lee said Hollywood needs to embrace more diversity in the casting process.

“They need to give more roles to more people of color,” she said.

“I think they need to hire more women and give them a chance.”

Hollywood needs more women in front of the camera Lee said women are often not included in the film and television world.

“There are too many of us,” she told The Hill.

“If you are not in it, you are missing out.”

Hollywood has struggled with its lack of diversity over the past few years, and Lee said there are several steps the industry can take to improve its representation.

Hollywood needs diversity in front at the box office, said Lee, and it needs to hire female directors.

“It needs to pay women actors,” Lee said.

And the industry needs to make its female stars feel like they have more support in the industry, instead of just being judged on their looks and their performance.

“Just give us some credit and give us the opportunity to succeed,” Lee told The New York Times.

Lee, a member of the board of directors of Women in Media, has been working to change Hollywood for decades.

Her group is dedicated to supporting the careers of women who want to enter the industry and she said she has never received any pushback from anyone about the importance of representation.

“What we have is an industry that is really very hostile toward women,” Lee continued.

“The people who are saying, ‘Well, she’s not that talented, she can’t do this.’

It’s so sad, and I have been fighting that battle for so long.

Hollywood can’t be doing anything wrong, Lee said, because Hollywood is making a lot of money. “

And it’s a big change for women, and the industry is going to have to move forward with more women, because we’re not going to continue to be afraid to speak up.”

Hollywood can’t be doing anything wrong, Lee said, because Hollywood is making a lot of money.

The studio has been in the spotlight in recent years, with Netflix’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Iron Fist garnering major box office successes.

Lee also said Hollywood should be looking at other ways to diversify the industry by giving female actors more roles, like in a reality show.

“All we need to do is tell the women that we’re giving them this, we’re going to take them to the beach, we’ll take them up on that offer,” Lee explained.

“That’s it.

We’re not doing anything else.”

Hollywood must stop casting women as villains, Lee added.

“Every time we see a female villain, it makes our industry look bad,” she concluded.

“Now we have to say, ‘Why are we casting these women as bad people?'”