Lenovo brio wins Intel’s latest laptop contest

Lenovo has won the Intel Core M 5500 series of laptops with Intel’s new Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics chips.The chips were announced at Intel’s Computex 2017 trade show in Taipei.Lenovo was the first laptop maker to announce the chips.“Lenovo has made a significant impact on the market with its affordable laptops, which have a […]

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When is the snowshoe going to be back?

In an exclusive interview with Bleacher, ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy talks about the upcoming game between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets, including how much of a role the team’s star player, Steph Curry, will play in it, how much he wants to play, and how he plans to help his team’s defense […]

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Which animals are in danger of extinction?

The zoo webcam, a service that connects zookeepers to visitors, has caught the attention of zoo visitors and zoo staff, who are worried about the potential of the program’s operators to exploit animals for profit.Zoos are concerned that if their facilities are unable to keep animals safe, the public will feel unsafe and that there […]

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How to buy cryptocurrency in Colorado and buy online in the US

Colorado is a big market for cryptocurrency.The state has become a center for crypto currencies, particularly Bitcoin, which has exploded in popularity in recent years.Now, that popularity is expanding in other states as well, with a handful of states already adding cryptocurrencies to their regulatory framework.Colorado has long been one of the most popular places […]

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When will your webcam finally get a mic?

When will you get your webcam?There’s a lot of rumours swirling around the internet, and if you’re looking to get one before Christmas, here’s a handy guide to get you started.We’ve got some of the best advice on webcam, and a whole host of tips to help you make your own.The good news is, it’s […]

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