How to hide your webcam cover on your Android tablet

In a nutshell, there are two ways to hide webcam cover: via a “prevent camera” setting, and via a custom “preview” feature.The latter is a built-in feature that automatically opens the camera’s settings and opens the webcam cover in the “previous” tab of the camera settings.This feature has been around for some time, and is […]

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Why the teen webcam is trending

It’s a hot topic these days.It’s just a matter of time before it goes viral and turns into an internet meme, as is the case with the girl who posted this to Facebook:A young woman in Japan has been getting a lot of attention lately.According to The Daily Mail, the teenager was caught on camera […]

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Logitech webcam C270 review

Logitech’s C270 webcam is the company’s latest webcam offering and is the successor to the C270 that came out last year.The C270 comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and the camera is a 13MP Sony IMX210.The camera has a full HD 1080p camera sensor and can shoot 1080p video.The webcam supports up to 12KHz audio.Logitech […]

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When I see a bear, I’m going to hunt it

I can’t believe how easy it is to catch a bear.When I do see a grizzly, I feel a surge of adrenaline.And then it’s game on.The grizzly hunt is the world’s largest outdoor sport, and while I’m not exactly familiar with it, the sport is being used to protect the country’s fragile wildlife, and I’m […]

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How to watch the White House live video feed for free

The US President Donald Trump has announced a free live stream of his inauguration on his Facebook page, as well as his daily press briefing and the first press conference in the Oval Office.The feed, which has been available on the President’s official White House Twitter account, is also accessible to all US citizens.Read more:President […]

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